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Be Happy Aromatherapy Wellbeing Balm

Be Happy Balm

About Scentered

Scentered is a unique range of 100% natural, portable aromatherapy balms, to help you stay centred, wherever, whenever. Recognising the unique and varied pressures facing women today, and the daily juggling acts that so many face, Scentered encourages you to stop and take a moment for yourself, breathing renewed positivity into a busy lifestyle.

The balms are made from therapeutic grade essential oils and botanicals chosen for both their proven aromatherapy based wellbeing benefits and their fine fragrances. Each of the balms helps positively address a particular lifestyle challenge; sleep, focus, fatigue, stress, anxiety, grief, relaxation and motivation. Fully portable with a handy twist up stick for an on-the-go remedy, these balms can be used individually to target a specific need or together, as a personal mood and life style support 'tool kit'. Developed with leading British perfumers, each fragrance contains up to 25 essential oils and botanicals, and has been professionally blended to deliver a uniquely glorious natural perfume.

Equally as important as the therapeutic qualities of the essential oils is the simple ritual at the heart of the brand, which encourages you to:


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What our customers, bloggers and the Press say

"The one that's of most use to me is Focus, although what I'd really like to do is cover my whole body in Stress Less and go back to bed! I'd definitely recommend the Scentered fact, I can see them becoming a bit addictive!"

British Beauty Blogger

"These aromatherapy balms have the calming, soul-soothing, mood-changing prowess of the most potent essential oils, but without the risk of dripping inside your handbag."


"I was given this as a Christmas present so thought I would try it as I hadn't been sleeping that well. For the first time in months, I slept like a log! I have been using it every night since and love it. Would recommend it to anyone who needs some help sleeping or just likes going to bed calm and relaxed..."

Hannah Brookman, Bury St Edmunds

"Stuck at your desk and dreaming of far away lands? We've all been there. Now thanks to Scentered you can escape without even leaving your seat......A holiday in your handbag - we love."

Get The Gloss

We have been using Scentered for a few weeks now, and we're pretty flipping impressed.... complex blends of beautiful essential oils that may have strangers asking, ‘Oooh, what perfume are you wearing?' But the nitty-gritty is: they work amazingly to mood-shift.

Beauty Bible

"The different smells are breath-taking and extremely relaxing. I carry them everywhere with me as they fit easily in my handbag. I keep the sleep balm beside my bed, it is awesome. I wouldn't be without them now :-)"

Mary Ponto-Farr, Pembrokeshire

"I may be juggling wedding planning with house hunting and a hectic work schedule, but one whiff of this Sandalwood and Oud infused balm forces me to breathe more deeply, somehow making everything better."


"Life's all about balance so it's heartening to know Scentered is a generous brand.....the brand gives 10% of net profits to Women for Women International, to help improve women's lives and empower them to help others.  High 5."

Beauty Shortlist

"Tapping into the power of aromatherapy, this creates a welcome pause in my day."


I love scentered balms and wear one of them every day. I get so many comments on it, especially the Love therapy balm with Rose, Patchouli and Cedarwood, it smells amazing!

Kim Jacob, Make-up Artist & Co-Founder of Wild about Beauty

"I have had a challenging time over the past few years so have to work at keeping my stress levels in check. I can honestly say that the ritual of smelling and applying the balm has a wonderful comforting and soothing effect, it's become an essential item in my handbag! Thank you Scentered!"

Kris, London

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